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Floodlight is a nonprofit news organization that investigates the people and corporations stalling climate action. We partner with local and national journalists to co-publish our collaborative reporting in their outlets.


Our work has appeared in a wide variety of local publications, including the Los Angeles Times, the Carlsbad Current-Argus, the Texas Tribune and the Louisiana Illuminator . Our stories are also co-published with national partners, including NPR, the Guardian, HuffPost and the Intercept. Our collaborations have reached millions of people. Read all of our work here.

We typically partner with journalists early on in the process. We work together to decide what the story is and to conduct interviews and acquire documents. We collaboratively write the story, before passing it on to an editor at each partner outlet. All partners agree on the final copy before we co-publish. We do not charge our partner publications for any of our work, although we sometimes share costs for travel, photography and graphics. We are happy for our reporting partners to contribute in whatever role they can—whether that means digging into documents, making some phone calls or just weighing in on the direction of a story. 

Floodlight’s stories have impact. They have been followed by: a state commission rejecting a controversial fee on customers electrifying their homes; a port commission ending a lifetime fee exemption for fossil gas trucks; a
nd a utility CEO stepping down

Do you have a story to tell about how corporations and fossil fuel interests are holding back climate change action in your community but lack the resources or knowledge to get started? 

We work with reporters at publications of all sizes with stories that match our mission. 

What our partners say about working with us

“Working with Emily and Floodlight enabled an important investigative piece that never would have happened in the news desert that is Wyoming. As a local reporter, I learned a ton about how to efficiently and boldly tackle otherwise intimidating subjects.”

-Cooper McKim, former reporter for Wyoming Public Media

“Thanks to Floodlight, I've been able to produce unique and impactful stories on New Mexico's fossil fuel industry that would've been impossible without Emily and her team. Floodlight's expertise on the oil and gas landscape has helped make these stories better than they would've been otherwise.”

-Cody Nelson, freelance journalist

“I work in a small newsroom where everyone has to wear a bunch of different hats. That means I don’t always have a ton of time for investigating or researching. In this collaboration, my co-reporters [at Floodlight] were able to take the time to dig up a lot of really useful information for this story - things I likely would not have had the time to find if I were working on this by myself.

-Brendan Rivers, reporter for WJCT News in Jacksonville and ADAPT Florida

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