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Floodlight—with partners at The Texas Tribune, DeSmog, The Lens, and the Louisiana Illuminator—are reporting on greenwashing, misinformation and the lack of corporate accountability in Texas and Louisiana.


The Gulf Coast becomes a 'Sacrifice Zone' for liquefied gas exports The Guardian The Lens Louisiana Illuminator March 2023

Rio Grande

Gas project moves forward after 'greenwash' of carbon capture is added DeSmog Guardian February 2023

P-13 Water Wells

Abandoned 'dry hole' oil wells are polluting Texas groundwater and land. The state won’t fix them. The Texas Tribune October 2022

Carbon Capture Graphic

The cost to capture carbon? More water and electricity Guardian The Lens Louisiana Illuminator October 2022

Wind Farm

How ocean wind power could help the US fossil fuel industry Guardian The Lens Louisiana Illuminator December 2022

BR refinery/LEAN

Industrial water use threatens Louisiana capital’s drinking water Guardian The Lens Louisiana Illuminator June 2022

Port of Houston MS TT 02

In Texas, thousands in fines paid by oil and gas polluters benefit the fossil fuel industry The Texas Tribune April 2022

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